Ws2 Class Diagram

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WS2 Class Diagram
Student’s Name
WS2 Class Diagram
The Noun Technique
Customers – class
Package pickups – class
Delivery order – class
Delivery request – class
Delivery trip – class
Shipments – class
Payments – class
Employee – class
Businesses – class
Package – class
Name – attribute
Delivery type – attribute
Cost – attribute
Amount – attribute
Pickup location – attribute
Payment type – attribute
Outstanding balance – attribute
Weight – attribute
Invoices – output
Monthly statements – output
Address – attribute
Contact information – attribute
Bill month – attribute
Class Diagram
RouteTrip class was included to show the delivery trip, which will handle pickups and deliveries.
Since there was no movement noun within the case, a general class named MovementEvent was
added to help track packages movement from pickups to …
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Ws2 Class Diagram
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