Wireless Security And More

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Wireless Security
Wireless Security
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Wireless Security
Wireless Security
Assignment 1: Security Features of Wireless Technologies
Wireless networks in an enterprise must uphold stringent security
measures due to the sensitive nature of corporate data. Utilizing WPA2
Encryption is crucial as it offers robust security by encrypting data packets and
ensuring secure communications. It addresses the vulnerabilities present in its
predecessor, WEP. Moreover, enabling MAC Address Filtering adds an extra
layer of security by allowing only devices with approved MAC addresses to
connect to the network (Karygiannis & Owens, 2002). This reduces the risk of
unauthorized access, enhancing network security for the enterprise.
Public Access:
For public access wireless networks, it is essential to strike a balance
between security and usability. WPA2 Encryption is a fundamental requirement,
ensuring data transmitted over the network is encrypted and secure. Additionally,
Disabling SSID Broadcast makes the network less visible, adding a level of
obscurity. While it is not a robust security measure on its own, it discourages
casual hackers by making it harder to find the network. However, users need to
be educated to enter the SSID for connection manually.
Assignment 2: Secure Web Applications
A secure web application design must encompass various aspects to
mitigate the risk …
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Wireless Security And More
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