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William Harvey (1578–1657)
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William Harvey (1578-1657)
William Harvey, an English physician, is renowned for his groundbreaking work in
physiology and medicine during the European Renaissance era. His most significant contribution
to the field of science was in the area of the circulatory system. Harvey’s pivotal work, “De Motu
Cordis” (On the Motion of the Heart), published in 1628, revolutionized the understanding of
how blood circulates in the human body (Myers, 2019). Before Harvey’s research, the prevailing
belief was the ancient theory of Galen, which asserted that blood was produced in the liver and
consumed by the body’s organs.
Harvey, through meticulous observations and experiments, challenged this view. He
demonstrated that the heart was a muscular pump responsible for continuously circulatin …
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William Harvey 1578 1657 .edited1.edited
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