Week 6 Discussion Boardfff

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Week 6 Discussion Board
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The authors and publishers need to work hand in hand as the digital content landscape is
constantly changing in order to protect their intellectual property rights. Authors invest an
immense amount of time and talent into their creation, and publishers act as a link between the
author and the reader. Parties should be strategy-minded in ensuring the protection of their
respective interests and rights. Authors and publishers, therefore, should start by understanding
the fundamentals of intellectual property rights. The legal arena within which the film industry
operates consists among others of copyright law, trademark law, and patent law, which should be
understood by all in this field.
Firstly, an author of any content ought to consider registration at the competent copyright
office. Creation invokes copyright and official registrations act as conclusive evidence that can
serve as an effective defense in the event of litigation. Within the domain of contracts, it is
important that both authors and publishers are clear. Carefully scrutinize any …
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Week 6 Discussion Boardfff
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