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Garamond: A History
What I learned
In Dallas Parke’s (2022) video “Garamond: A History,” Garamond is described as an old
serif font style that uses letters with organic structure similar to handwriting, only that it is more
upright and structured. Garamond roman cuts from 1531 are the best existing to date, and have
influenced European punch for more than 150 years since. Garamond font exudes elegance and
professionalism; this has seen application in ads, logos, and business content for companies like
Apple, Neutrogena, and Rolex. It is most popular among prints for its clean, fancy and attentiongrabbing qualities. Some popular prints that use the font are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Shive
Trilogy and JK Rowling American edits. Unfortunately, while Garamond is such a classic among
prints, it has a low-lying contrast which make it unsuitable for small screens like mobile phones.
History of Graphic Design 4: Renaissance
What I learned
From Lajura Design (2020) video “History of Graphic Design 4: Renaissance” video,
Renaissance in graphic design refers to when classical literature and the works o …
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