UOP PSYCH610 – Critical Analysis of a Research Article Worksheet

UOP PSYCH610 – Critical Analysis of a Research Article Worksheet

Critical Analysis of Research Article WORKSHEET

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UOP PSYCH610 – Critical Analysis of a Research Article Worksheet
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PSYCH/610 v3

Critical Analysis of a Research Article Worksheet

Select and read an original research article to analyze for this assignment. The article should be in the form of a report on a research study that has been published in a scientific journal. Note: Do not select an informational article or an article that reviews the results of someone’s research. These types of articles do not show all the parts of a research study and are not suitable for this assignment. Respond to each item in complete sentences based on your analysis of the research article that you select. Consider how the article reflects the concepts we are exploring in this course. Write your answer to each question on a new line. Under the Full Article Reference section and Abstract section, write your answer on a new line.

Full Article Reference (APA style): Abstract (copy and paste the article abstract here):


1. Is the need for the study clearly stated in the introduction? Explain the need for the study by using information presented in the literature review.

2. What is the research hypothesis or question?

3. What are the variables of interest (e.g., independent and dependent variables)?

4. How are the variables operationally defined?



How were participants selected and recruited for this study?

How many subjects participated?

What are the characteristics of the sample population?

Were subjects randomly selected?

Were there any biases in sampling? Explain.

Were the samples appropriate for the population to which the researcher wished to generalize?


1. Describe the dependent measure(s)/instruments used:

2. Are the measures valid and reliable?

Variables (use N/A for sections that do not apply to your study)

 If your study uses an Experimental Method:

1. For an experimental study, what is/are the independent variable(s):

2. For an experimental study, what is/are the dependent variable(s):

1. What are the variables of interest?

Results Data Analysis

 1. What statistics are used to describe the data?

2. What type of statistical techniques are used to analyze the data?

3. Were tests of significance used and reported appropriately (was there sufficient detail to understand what analysis was being conducted)?

 4. Do the researchers report the means and standard deviations (if relevant) so that the reader can examine whether statistically significant differences are large enough to be meaningful?


Evaluate the Summary and Conclusions of the study (for usefulness).

Describe the strength(s) and limitation(s) of the Study.

Describe what you learned from the study.

List any remaining questions you have about the study.