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// I guess these are the discuss from chapters 5 – 8 modules you were asked to copy and
paste in this assignment.
//check from page 7 for my explanations and answers to your questions
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1. Perception-sensation gestalt:
This video is related to gestalt in different parameters, like Zach King showing different
illusions. For instance:
1. Sandwitch in rustling sand
2. Throwing a friend in a pool
3. Yard cleaning illusion
4. Watermelon-cutting illusion
5. Receiving parcels is an illusion.
6. Perfect car wash with ballon water
7. Plastic explosion illusion
8. Campfire Illusion
9. Bottle cap challenge illusion
10. Ice Cream Truck Illusion
11. Bicycle truck shot illusion
12. Aeroplane illusion
The Gestalt principle mentioned in this video is the optical illusion of closure. It alludes to
our propensity to mentally repair imperfect or disjointed images in order to make them
more coherent as a whole. The tendency of the brain to fill in the blanks and make
meaning of confusing visual information is a common foundation for optical illusions.
Gestalt psychology and optical illusions both emphasize the idea that different elements
of a visual scene are processed concurrently throughout our visual experience. Because
of this, optical illusions may occur when the brain’s interpretation of a situation is impacted
by a number of different circumstances. This is how this video relates to gestalt principles.
2. learning is t …
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