Unit 4 Instructional Design Newsletter

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Unit 4-Instructional Design
Question 1
Pre-assessment data-driven instruction modifications:
Pre-assessment data suggests that some students may require adjustments and changes to develop
self-awareness and emotion detection in the next lesson.
Pattern 1: Less than half of students accurately answered, “What is self-awareness?” It suggests
some pupils may not grasp the subject.
Accommodation/Modification 1: Give pupils realistic examples and explanations of selfawareness. Show the concept through real-life examples.
Pattern 2: Most students answered “Recognizing emotions – in self and others.” accurately. It
implies pupils can recognize fundamental emotions.
Accommodation/Modification 2: Challenge pupils and expand their comprehension by offering
more complicated events and emotions throughout the unit.
Pattern 3: ELL students …
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Unit 4 Instructional Design Newsletter
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