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Question 1
1. Pope Francis’ election (2013): The first pope from the Americas and his liberal
stance on various international issues.
2. The fight for LGBTQ+ rights, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in
many nations, has been led by the Marriage Equality Movement (2000s–Present).
3. The Re-emergence of China as a Global Superpower (2000s–Present): China’s
accelerated economic development and growing global influence.
4. The Syrian Civil War, which has been raging since 2011 and has complicated
geopolitical ramifications, is causing a severe humanitarian crisis.
5. A global campaign against sexual harassment and gender inequality, The Me Too
campaign (2017–Present).
6. The Hong Kong Protests (2019–Present): Demonstrations against Chinese rule in
Hong Kong calling for democracy and autonomy.
7. The Effects of Climate Change (Since 2000): Rising sea levels, harsh weather, and
international efforts to address climate change are all causing growing anxiety.
8. The European Migrant Crisis (2015–2016): An increase in European asylum
requests brought attention to immigration issues and tested the EU’s cohesion.
9. The Black Lives Matter movement, active since 2020, is a potent force for racial
justice and police reform.
10. The failure of significant financial institutions and the ensuing global economic
crisis constituted the Global Financial Crisis (2007–2008).
Question 2
Radio and print media would have played a more significant part and had an
e …
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