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Transformative Leadership
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Different leaders use different leadership styles in serving their people. There are so
many leadership styles in which some share common qualities. Transformative leadership is one
of the most applied styles. It can also be applied to integrating moral duties into a society.
Transformative leadership helps raise the living standards of the members governed by a
transformative leader. In brief, it is highly ranked because of its effectiveness in creating a better
and more accommodating surrounding for the people.
Transformative Leadership and its Different from Other Styles of Styles?
Transformative leadership is a style of leadership whereby the leaders take personal
accountability for any action in society to change individuals and social systems. According to
Quiros (2020), transformational leadership has four factors that guide its implementation in any
society: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual
consideration. Transformative leadership aims to enhance valuable and positive changes in the
subject so that the followers can finally have the skills to govern themselves once the serving
leader is absent (Caldwell et al., 2014, p. 19). Therefore, motivating the followers, connecting
their senses, and improving their self-confidence in anything they do will help achieve the
transformational leadership’s end goal.
Leadership styles sha …
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Transformative Style
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