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Topic3 DQ2 Answer
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Topic3 DQ2 Answer
The state of mental stability among young people tends to be one of the most important
factors being discussed today. One of the main areas around this topic is the discussion around
stressors, both internal and external. Internal stressors often cause mental uneasiness due to the
state of the internal body conditions. On the other hand, external stressors are causes of anxiety
as a result of the influence of the outer environment (Chu et al, 2021). Stressors differ between
people based on their age and surrounding conditions. For example, a young child might be
stressed with school work, while an adult might be stressed with financial challenges. When it
comes to adolescents, two critical external stressors that are unique to them include social or peer
influence and schoolwork constraints. Therefore, this research assesses the stressors mentioned
earlier, the risk-taking behaviors that may result from them, and the different coping mechanisms
that can be initiated to help curb these factors.
Peer Influence factor among adolescents
Stress among the youths often greatly impacts the development of their mental health
problems. Ideally, peer pressure or influence tends to be one of the main causes of stress among
adolescents. This is because, at this age, many adolescents are sensitive to how other people feel
or think about them, including their appearances …
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Topic3 Dq2 Answer.edited
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