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Topic3 Answer #1
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Topic3 Answer #1
The post provides an insightful overview of the changing definitions of health throughout
history and highlights the evolving role of nurses in promoting health. It emphasizes the shift
from ancient beliefs of illness caused by demons and treated through prayers and sacrifices to
Hippocrates’ groundbreaking concept of health as a balance of bodily fluids. The post further
mentions the development of various definitions of health over time, with the World Health
Organization (WHO) defining it in 1948 as not just the absence of illness but as a state of
physical, social, and mental well-being (OECD et al., 2018).
The peer rightly acknowledges that the WHO definition was considered ambitious and
unachievable due to social determinants of health and disparities in healthcare across the world.
This recognition underscores the importance of understanding health as a variable concept that
considers individual needs and the broader socio-cultural context, thus bringing in the crucial
role of nurses in promoting health by providing evidence-based, holistic …
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Topic3 Answer 1.edited
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