The Rise Of Public Shaming

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The Rise of Public Shaming
In today’s digital era, public shaming has become increasingly pervasive, amplified
exponentially by the reach of social media. As Jon Ronson thoughtfully chronicles in his book So
You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, the rapid proliferation of viral shaming enabled by platforms like
Twitter and Facebook reveals troubling aspects of human instincts that are worsened rather than
improved by technology. Throughout his book, Ronson thoroughly investigates numerous
instances of lives catastrophically upended by online shaming, taking a nuanced look at the group
psychology behind judgmental online bandwagons and the ethics of digital pillorying.
Synthesizing Ronson’s astute insights along with additional context on other notable cases of
public shaming, it becomes abundantly evident upon analysis that the uncontrolled spread of online
shaming frequently exacts devastating and disproportionate psychological trauma on targets, while
also eroding empathy and thoughtfulness in online culture. However, Ronson also acknowledges
that more conscientious public shaming, when wielded judiciously rather than reactively, can
encourage accountability and positive change rather than exclusively punish. Ultimately, Ronson’s
examination elucidates the urgent need for vastly more nuance, context, proportionality and
humanity to define online shaming culture moving forward, providing a thoughtful framework for
harnessing the power of collective opinion for s …
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The Rise Of Public Shaming
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