The Impact Of Pandemics On The U

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The Impact of Pandemics on the U.S. Healthcare System: Lessons from the Spanish Flu
and COVID-19
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The Spanish Flu outbreak, in 1918 and the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic have had a
lasting impact on health and healthcare economics in the US. These two catastrophic events have
greatly influenced the U.S. Healthcare system. Provided insights, into the complex interactions
of various economic factors. This essay explores how the Spanish Flu affected the U.S.
Healthcare system compares the healthcare economics of both pandemics and suggests ways to
enhance our healthcare system based on lessons learned from these times.
The Spanish Flu’s Impact on the U.S. Healthcare System
First of all, it is vital to note that the four terms I chose to apply include supply and
demand, resource utilization, economic burden, and finally benchmarking. The outbreak of the
Spanish Flu, which occurred worldwide between 1918 and 1919 had impacts, on the healthcare
system in the United States. The Spanish Flu created pressure on resources such as hospital beds,
ventilators and healthcare personnel (Barro et al., 2020). The surge in demand for healthcare
services resulted in shortages overcrowding in hospitals and intensified competition for
resources. Healthcare facilities were overwhelmed during the Spanish Flu crisis leading to less
than allocation of resources. This situation compelled healthcare providers to make decision …
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The Impact Of Pandemics On The U
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