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The development of nursing knowledge
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The development of nursing knowledge
Whether they are middle-range or grand nursing, nursing theories provide professionals
with the core knowledge of care techniques they need to justify their activities and explain what
they do for victims. It is essential because it allows the nurses to discuss the information
underpinning the practices’ methodology. The nursing grand theory is built on complex and
broad assumptions. In its ideal form, it provides a more thorough framework for concepts
relating to factors such as people, nursing, well-being, and the environment rather than offering
particular instructions for nursing actions. Its creation was greatly influenced by the experiences
and time of a nurse thinker (Brandão et al., 2019).
Ongoing development and use of nursing grand theories
Education in nursing continues once a nurse graduates and becomes a qualified registered
caregiver. Instead, this is typically simply the start of their ongoing, lifetime education, which
continues throughout their nursing professions. Nurses must always study to stay current with
nursing …
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The Development Of Nursing Knowledge.edited2
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