The American Criminal Justice System.edited

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The American Criminal Justice System: An Overview
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The American Criminal Justice System: An Overview
Question 1
Multiple methods, each with its methodology, benefits, and drawbacks, are used to
produce crime data in the United States. One of the oldest and most well-known methods to
measure crime is via the usage of the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). Part I covers the most
serious offenses, while Part II covers everything else based on data supplied by law
enforcement. However, the UCR may be used to compare crime rates between jurisdictions
because of its well-defined parameters; it could be better. Due to the possibility of
underreporting, it may not be representative of actual criminal activity. The National IncidentBased Reporting System (NIBRS) attempts to remedy the shortcomings of UCR in certain
respects. It provides further specifics about each criminal incidence, such as the number of
crimes committed in a single instance, the nature of the victims and perpetrators, and the
reasons for the crimes (Swagar, 2021). The NIBRS, on the other hand, has a smaller coverage
area because of its lower participation rates and because it is resource-expensive.
The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) collects information from
households and people to supplement that which is reported to the police. In doing so, it
provides a more complete picture of crime rates by including incidents that were not initially
reported. However, it depend …
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