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What is the par value of the common stock and preferred stock (if applicable)?
The par value of the common stock is not stated, as the common shares have no par
value. There is no preferred stock issued or outstanding.
When was the last dividend declaration and how much was it? Was it a cash or stock
The last dividend declaration was $0.45 per share, paid on December 2, 2022. This was a
cash dividend.
What accounts were debited or credited for the dividend declaration and payment (if there
was not a dividend still answer this question as what accounts would have been debited or
The dividend payment would have been debited to Retained Earnings and credited to
What financial statement and disclosure note reports and discusses the equity of the
The equity of the company is reported and discussed primarily in Note 17 to the
consolidated financial statements, “Capital Stock”, as well as in the consolidated statements of
changes in equity.
Note 17 of the consolidated financial statements is titled “Capital Stock” and largely
contains information about Magna Interna …
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Task To Finish 1
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