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Answer 1This is a summary on the issues discussed in ‘Become More Comfortable Making
Bold Decisions’ by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn.
Making bold decisions can be challenging, stressful and full of uncertain results. This
state is not pleasant to our humans minds and just as Cheryl Strauss Einhorn quotes
that Leaps of faith make great scenes in a movie, but in real life they fill us with
anxiety. Bold moves in choosing the next step is essential for both personal and
professional growth.
1-One should identify the decision they need to make. This involves a thoughtful
process of introspection with problem recognition, once we know the short-term and
long-term goals we have, it helps us align and identify what we want to achieve in
our lives. Also recognize any feeling of agitation or uneasiness often times these
emotions indicate unresolved issues within.
Review the values and priorities th …
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