Summarize Two Quantitative Studies Part 11

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Summarize two quantitative studies Part 11
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The nursing practice problem under consideration is the impact of air pollution on health
outcomes, specifically in the context of Phoenix, Arizona. The purpose of this paper is to
evaluate two quantitative research articles that address this problem and contribute to answering
the PICOT question: “In adults living in Phoenix, Arizona (P), does exposure to air pollution
exceeding American Thoracic Society-recommended standards (I) compared to those not
exposed (C) influence the morbidity and mortality rates (O) over a ten-year period (T)?”
Background of Studies
Article 1, authored by Cromar et al. (2019), examines trends in excess morbidity and
mortality associated with air pollution above American Thoracic Society-recommended
standards in the period from 2008 to 2017. This study is significant to nursing as it provides
insights into the health implications of air pollution, aligning with the PICOT question. The
research aims to uncover patterns and trends in increased illness and death rates related to air
pollution, offering valuable information for public health interventions. Article 3, conducted by
Viecco et al. (2021), explores the use of green roofs and green walls to improve urban air quality
by mitigating particulate matter. This research is relevant to the nursing practice problem as it
investigates interventions to reduce air pol …
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Summarize Two Quantitative Studies Part 11
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