Study Guide For Exam 1

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Study Guide for Exam 1
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Study Guide for Exam 1
Transitional Fossils
Transitional Fossils are fossils that are considered intermediate forms between different
species. They serve as evidence of evolution illustrate gradual change of species. Example:
Homology and Homologous Characters
Homology is the similarity resulting from inheritance of traits from a common ancestor. It is
especially important evidence for evolution when traits are modified for different functions.
Homologous characters are characters in different organisms that are similar because they
were inherited from a common ancestor that also had that character. There are 3:
a) Structural homologies: similarity in anatomy of structures even if the function is
b) Developmental homologies: Similarity in the way structures develop in different
c) Molecular homologies: Similarity in protein sequences or DNA of different
organisms that suggests common ancestry.
The geographic distribution of species on Earth – is often best explained by common
ancestry. The distribution of most species reflects their evolutionary history. They often
occur near the place where they evolved, not everywhere there is suitable habitat for them.
Selective Breeding (Artificial Selection)
When humans select for various traits (and decide who breeds), the organism’s response to
artificial selection is often dramatic. Selective bree …
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Study Guide For Exam 1
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