Student Loan Debt Analysis

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Student Loan Debt Analysis
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Problem Statement:
The dataset contains information on educational institutions, their loan recipients, and loan
activity. The objective is to gain insights into the educational landscape and loan activity in terms
of loan recipients, loan origination, and loan disbursement. This information can help in making
data-driven decisions and addressing the following key questions,
1. Demographic Analysis: Understand the distribution of schools by state, school type, and
zip code. Identify which states have the highest number of educational institutions and
which school types are most prevalent.
2. Loan Recipient Analysis: Investigate the number of loan recipients, categorized by loan
type. Determine which loan types are more commonly used by students or parents.
3. Loan Origination Analysis: Examine the number and dollar amount of loans originated
for each loan type. Determine which loan types have the highest loan origination activity.
4. Loan Disbursement Analysis: Analyze the number and dollar amount of loans
disbu …
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Student Loan Debt Analysis
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