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Value-Chain Analysis, Competitive Intensity, Corporate Governance, and Accounting
Standards in “Strategic Management and Business Policy”
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Question 1: Value-Chain Analysis in Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
The value-chain analysis is a valuable technique for analyzing the strengths and
weaknesses of a business. It does this by segmenting the firm’s operations into primary and
support operations, which may either add to or impair the organization’s overall competitive
advantage. Some of the essential takeaways from the book that assist us in better comprehending
this idea: First and Foremost, Duties: These are the steps directly associated with producing and
distributing a good or service. International logistics, operations, outbound distribution, sales and
marketing, and service are all included in this category (Wheelen et al., 2019). A corporation
may determine the areas in which it excels and the areas in which it may be deficient if it
analyzes each of these operations. One example is a business that may be very successful in sales
and marketing, but needs to improve its operational efficiency.
Activities in this category are not directly engaged in the manufacturing process.
However, they provide essential support to the activities in the main category. Support activities
include technology acquisition, human resource management, and infrastructure maintenance.
An investigation i …
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