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Personal Review of Management and Leadership in Nursing
Personal Review of Management and Leadership in Nursing
Leadership is very important in the nursing field for advancing patient experiences and
outcomes. As a result, leaders in nursing are influencing healthcare organizations in every setting
and discipline as well as at all levels. This paper will cover various aspects of nursing leadership
including the application of leadership and management models, managing change, supervision
styles, managing performance and quality improvement, and evidence-based practice (EBP).
More importantly, this paper will outline techniques and tools that nurses can apply to manage
various aspects of patient experience.
Leadership and Management Theory
Currently, healthcare organizations are taking various actions and introducing multiple
initiatives and interventions to not only improve patient experience but also to address the
daunting challenges that they face. Applying leadership and management models to deliver
optimal nursing care for all patients and promote collaboration is one of these actions. The
leadership theory that I can utilize to deliver patient-centered care and collaborate effectively
with my healthcare team is the lean systems model (lean). The lean model is a people-oriented
approach that is centered on advancing the process and providing support to all those involved
through standardized work to establish improved proce …
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