Spanking In Discipline Response

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Spanking in Discipline Response
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Spanking in Discipline Response
Great post! You offer insightful remarks on spanking and its impact in the school setting.
Your assertions that it might cause physical injury to students and doesn’t instruct life lessons are
precise. The long-term psychological consequences of spanking should also be considered
because research indicates that spanked youngsters are more prone to develop aggression and
experience diminished self-esteem (Ma et al., 2021). This backs the notion that smacking a child
may impair their mental and physical well-being. It is also essential that you acknowledge that
spanking might be applied in specific instances, but it should be executed cautiously and as a
final option. As you mentioned, spanking your child should be regulated and be done with
affection. Parents and caregivers must efficiently communicate norms and expectations to
children. This perspective regards it as an outcome of their deeds rather than aggression.
Parents could also apply supplementary punishments that foster positive behavior and
education. This should be custo …
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Spanking In Discipline Response
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