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Social Support
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Social Support
The significance of social assistance for parents caring for children with long-term
mental health conditions is extremely high (George et al., 2020). Such parents can benefit
from two main types of support: one that comes from healthcare professionals like nurses and
another that is offered by their personal connections and community networks. The kind and
origin of the support can differ, and each type has its own potential for making a positive
Support from nurses or healthcare professionals often includes a range of specialized,
evidence-based resources. These comprise cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoeducation,
managing medications, and various tailored coping mechanisms for effectively handling
chronic mental illness. These professionals are highly trained and usually keep abreast of the
latest scientific findings and treatment approaches. According to Solli and Hvalvik (2019),
their specialized knowledge can provide parents with targeted assistance that is especially
effective for dealing with particular mental health care challenges. For instance, a healthcare …
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Social Support 1
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