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Self Determination Theory
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Self Determination Theory
Rewards can be used in education as motivational tools, but their effectiveness depends
on how they are implemented. When used thoughtfully, rewards help incentivize positive
behavior and reinforce learning (Ryan et al., 2008). Students should, however, refrain from being
used to rewards as a mode of motivation as this can result in a shallow focus on external
Rewards can offer diverse benefits in an educational context. They serve as immediate
reinforcement for desired behaviors or achievements, which helps the students to understand the
relationship between effort and outcomes (Deci& Ryan, 2000). Rewards can also boost the
learner’s self-esteem, confidence, and engagement, mainly when they have been struggling in a
particular subject or area. Most significantly, rewards create a positive and enjoyable learning
environment, making the educational process more enjoyable for the learners.
Rewards can have negative effects if not used well. Rewards undermine the use of
intrinsic motivation as the learners may become mainly focused on earning rewards rather than
e …
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Self Determination Theory.edited
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