Selection And Adaption Rev

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Selection and Adaption
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Consider a gene evolving in a population with two alleles, A1 and A2. In the current
generation, the frequency of allele A1 in the population is given by p=0.5, and that of allele
A2 is provided by q=0.5
Q6.1. Assuming no dominance and that the fitness of each of the genotypes, A1A1, A1A2,
and A2A2, are equal (i.e., there is no selection), what are the expected frequencies of the
alleles A1 and A2 in the next generation
The expected frequencies of alleles A1 and A2 in the next generation will remain the same as in
the current generation. So, p = 0.5 and q = 0.5.
Q6.2. assuming the A1 allele is dominant and that the fitness if each of the genotype (AS
MEASURED BY THE FREQUENCIES by which the zygotes of that phenotype survive to
adulthood) are as follows;
Q6.2.1 which genotype has the highest fitness
The genotype A1A1 has the highest fitness, which is W11 = 1.0.
Q6.2.2 which genotype has the lowest fitness
The genotype A2A2 has the lowest fitness, which is W22 = 0.7
Q6.2.3 which allele has the highest fitness
Allele A1 has the highest fitness because it’s present in the A1A1 genotype, which has the most
increased fitness (W11 = 1.0).
Q6.2.4 which allele has the lowest fitness?
Allele A2 has the lowest fitness because it’s present in the A2A2 genotype, which has the lowest
fitness (W22 = 0.7).
Q6.2.5 what is the strength …
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Selection And Adaption Rev
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