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Sentiment Analysis
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Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining. It refers to an approach used in
language processing that aids in the identification of the emotional tone behind a text or body. In
the organization setting, sentiment analysis is used to determine the rates of customer
satisfaction. It basically aids the organization in categorizing the opinions, thoughts, and feelings
of the consumers about a particular product/service. Essentially, sentiment analysis involves the
use of different AI technologies such as machine learning, computational linguistics, and
artificial intelligence.
When considering sentiment analysis, it is also necessary to analyze the common
problems behind these deals. First, there is a lack of nuance (Medhat et al. 2014). Traditionally,
sentiment analysis was categorized into three; negative, positive, and neutral. Analyzing the
thoughts and opinions of people based on these three categories can be increasingly limiting,
leading to the generation of data and information that is mildly inaccurate. Another challenge to
consider …
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