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Strategies For Academic Portfolios Discussion
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Strategies For Academic Portfolios Discussion
My main professional development goal is to optimize patient care by incorporating
the latest evidence-based practice into nursing. More so, I also intend to refine my
interpersonal skills to improve my leadership skills, given that I aim to venture into a
leadership role. One of the main strategies that I intend to implement to achieve these goals is
to engage in the research field and play a proactive role in education as a way to increase my
knowledge of nursing practice (Davis, 2015). By actively engaging in research, I will acquire
relevant knowledge and skills that will empower me to improve and optimize patient care in a
clinical setting. At the same time, this would enable me to stay updated on relevant
information, which can help in building my career and influence the leadership side (Davis,
2015). This strategy resonates with the university’s emphasis on social changes as it centers
on improving nursing care. For example, having new knowledge in a given field and working
in a leadership role can help me propose changes to make a procedure more efficient (Angelo
& Cross, 1993). Consequently, this action would entail making social changes, which would
also help in attaining my professional development goals.
Another key strategy I intend to utilize to achieve my professional goals is advancing
my education (Huber & Hutchings, 2016). …
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