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Emerging Mobile Cybersecurity Issues and Vulnerabilities
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This paper investigates an emerging mobile cybersecurity issue linked to IoT, wearables,
or mobile devices. It examines vulnerabilities, suggests mitigation approaches for CISOs, and
evaluates failed security principles considering growing cyber threats to these technologies.
This introduction highlights the surge in mobile, wearable, and IoT technologies and the
corresponding increase in cybersecurity threats. It introduces the paper’s focus on an emerging
issue in this context, addressing vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies. Emphasizing the role of
CISOs, it also mentions examining failed security principles. Overall, it underscores the
importance of understanding and countering these threats in today’s highly connected environment.
Emerging Mobile Cybersecurity Issue
The emerging mobile cybersecurity issue revolves around the vulnerabilities posed by the
widespread use of mobile devices, wearables, and IoT technologies. These advancements have not
only enhanced convenience but have also become lucrative targets for cybercriminals. A
comprehensive approach is essential to address this issue, encompassing mitigation methods,
technical and social strategies, and a reevaluation of security principles.
1. Mitigation Methods for Vulnerabilities
Mobile vulnerabilities include weak authentication, …
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