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Total Army Analysis and the Army Plan Response
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I concur with the student’s post regarding the Total Army Analysis and the Army Plan.
The post demonstrates a thorough awareness of the strategic framework and its practical
implications by clearly describing the Total Army Analysis (TAA) process and its relationship
to the Army Plan (TAP). The National Defense Strategy and the National Military Strategy
serve as the TAP’s foundation, comprising crucial papers including the Army Vision, Army
Strategy, and Army Campaign Plan, guaranteeing alignment with national priorities (U.S.
Government Accountability Office, 2016).
The three phases of the TAA process are very well-explained. Various inputs, including
directed force modeling, rotational analysis, lessons learned, and combatant command
requirements, are effectively used in the first phase, capability demand analysis. This shows a
thorough understanding of the variables affecting the comparison of operational force
capabilities to authorized end strength. Additionally, the transition from phase one to phase
two following the approval of Army Senior Leaders (ASLs) shows a stro …
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Response Total Army Analysis And The Army Plan.edited
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