Response To Tawni Arthurs

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Response to Tawni Arthurs
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Response to Tawni Arthurs
In response to Tawni Arthurs, I agree that nurse leaders are responsible for
participating in healthcare policy development (Marshall & Broome, 2020). However, the
needs of the patients, staff, and organization influence the agenda and implementation of the
policy. These needs that have to be considered together are termed as competing needs.
In dealing with nurse-to-patient ratio healthcare issues, nurses want to experience
manageable workloads, patients need quality and safety, and organizations strive to maximize
available resources for profits. A policy guiding a specific nurse-to-patient ratio is essential.
This will help prevent burnout among healthcare workers, reducing medical errors (Livanos,
2018). Reduced workload attracts more nurses …
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Response To Tawni Arthurs
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