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Critical analysis of the poem mending wall by Robert frost
Robert Lee Frost was an American poet who lived from March 26, 1874, until his death
on January 29, 1963. Before its release in the United States, his work was first published in
England. The author is famous for his mastery of American vernacular and his ability to portray
life in the country accurately. Frost often used rural New England settings from the early 20th
century to explore philosophical and social issues. During his lifetime, Frost received several
accolades and awards, including the first of his kind: four Pulitzer Prizes in Poetry. In the United
States, he rose to the level of literary celebrity, reaching the status of a virtual cultural institution.
In 1960, the U.S. Congress honored him with the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal for his
poetry. Frost was officially appointed Vermont’s poet laureate on July 22, 1961. Robert Frost, a
popular modern poet of the 20th century, constructed 45 lines of blank poetry into the dramatic
narrative poem Mending Wall. The word “mending” may be used as either an adjective or a verb
making the title extremely ambiguous. The title, interpreted as a verb, alludes to rebuilding the
wall that the narrator and his companion conduct annually in the spring. A more nuanced
interpretation of “mending” as an adjective says that the wall’s primary role is maintaining a
healthy relationship between the neighbors. Two neighbors have a year …
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