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Research and Summary Case Study
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Research and Summary Case Study
The Boeing 737 case is an intersection reminder linking public safety, technological
improvement, and corporate ethics in the aviation industry. This case unfolded because of
existing technical flaws in the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), thus
raising various ethical concerns (Langewiesche, 2019). This report focuses on the ethical
considerations and technical dimensions surrounding the Boeing 737 Max case. It examines
multiple aspects such as the involved stakeholders, engineers’ responses, and responses of the
corporate and the government’s role oversight. By exploring the professional code of conduct
and applying the correlated theoretical ethical principles, there is apprehension of the ethical
lapses as well as the suggested recommendations for establishing a responsible strategy towards
the certification and development of aviation. A transparent aviation approach characterized by
unwavering safety efforts is necessary since it prevents the occurrences of such crises. As such,
this paper investigates the technical issues surrounding ethical dilemmas, involves stakeholders,
and explores the essence of professional code adherence.
Technical Problems
The technical issue that caused the case of the Boeing 737 Max was its Maneuvering
Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), wh …
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Research And Summary Case Study.edited
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