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Great post! I concur with your thorough comparison between insurance-based and free
healthcare systems. The comparison sheds light on the complicated ethical implications of the two
techniques by highlighting the enormous variations in cost, coverage, and accessibility between
I want to underline that the balance between accessibility and sustainability is often at
the heart of the discussion between different systems. Insurance-based systems may offer
more thorough protection and quicker access to care, but they may also exclude those who
need help to afford insurance, raising questions about equity (Satgar, 2020). On the other
hand, free healthcare systems guarantee accessibility but may run into issues with resource
allocation and potential overuse.
It is also crucial to consider how preventative care and health promotion fit into both
systems (Satgar, 2020). Healthy living and sickness prevention can lighten the load on
healthcare systems, making them more resilient. Insurance-based and free systems should
invest in public health programs and education to enhance popul …
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