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TRMA 820 Course Reflection
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TRMA 820 Course Reflection
The Disaster Mental Health and Community Response course has been an educative and
insightful program that has enhanced my learning experience. During the course, I explored
materials and readings where I learned about trauma counseling, disaster preparation, disaster
response, and community resilience. The lectures and assigned texts, such as readings on disaster
ministry, informed my knowledge of trauma-informed care delivery, individual and community
susceptibility, psychological first aid treatment, professional response to disaster-related trauma,
and post-event interventions after disasters (Aten & Boan, 2016). Additionally, I evaluated case
studies, analyzed disaster incidents, and showed my findings in presentations, improving my
research, application, and communication skills. In the beginning, I expected the course to center
on counseling approaches, but I realized the program took a holistic model covering spirituality,
cultural competence, and community engagement. Although I perceived the holistic model as
overwhelming at first, I felt …
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