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Strategies for Working with a Preschool-Aged Child with Behavior Challenges
Strategies for Working with a Preschool-Aged Child with Behavior Challenges
Verbal Redirecting
1. Using verbal redirecting
I might use verbal redirecting in the classroom by providing simple instructions to distract the
child from problematic behavior. When I observe that the child is on the verge of engaging in
problematic behavior, I will provide simple instructions, usually aimed at distracting them and
redirecting them to another activity (Administration for Children and Families [ACF], 2015).
2. Example of behaviors
An example of a behavior that can be addressed using verbal redirection is a child who is
disrupting others in class. Once I notice that the child is headed towards their classmate to
disrupt them, I may redirect them by specifically asking them to engage in another activity. For
instance, I may request the child to assist me with finding an object in the classroom.
3. Appropriate activities and times
Verbal redirecting can be used in all activities and times of the day. This is because it is the basic
approach to providing instructions to the learners. Verbal redirecting is the basic approach to
redirecting because the teacher has to speak to the child regardless of the type of activity.
Therefore, it should be used at any time in any class activity.
4. Proactive steps for effective verbal redirection
For effective verbal redirecting, th …
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