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Complete the following diagrams and expressions. Some questions may have more information than
1. In a Si pn junction, with the p-type to the left, draw a plot of the net charge p(x) as a function
of location. Assume that the junction is symmetric, meaning NA = ND and all impurities are
ionized. The depletion region width is W, and the max {E (x) } is Emax
(Junction Center)
(Spartial coordinate within the pn juction)
(Decrease in Net charge density)
2. Draw a plot of an electric field E(x). Find an expression of 2Ɛ Emax / W
(Junction center)
(Depeltion area)
Emax (P-side)
(Spartial coordinate within the pn junction)
Emax (N-side)
(Depletion area)
In this case the electric field in the depletion region of a pn junction can be expressed as
E(x) = Emax * (1 -2x/ W)
. E (x) is the electric field at position x
. Emax is the maximum electric field magnitude
. X is the spatial coordinate within the pn junction
. W is the width of the depletion region
3. Draw a plot of the potential V(x), assuming the p-type os grounded show Vbi in the plot
(Junction center)
(potential has returned to ground level)
(p-type) region
(n-type) region
(Potential has returned to ground)
This V(x) plot shows a transition in how the potential p-type moves to the n-regions, therefore
showing how potential decreases linearly from Vbi on the …
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