Question 1 The American Code Of Ethics And An E Commerce Marketing Event

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Question 1 – The American Code of Ethics and an E-commerce Marketing Event
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MKT 640: E-Commerce Models and Its Applications
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The American Marketing Association (AMA) code of ethics for American
marketers describes the guidelines and ethical principles that marketers in the United States
have to follow for professionalism (Payne & Pressley, 2013). This code aims at promoting
integrity, responsibility, and transparency in marketing activities by ensuring that marketing
events prioritize the well-being of consumers. The AMA code of ethics upholds honesty,
responsibility, justice, respect, transparency, and citizenship (Chonko & Hunt, 1985). It
stipulates that marketers should uphold truthfulness and avoid deceptive practices in their
marketing communications. They should take responsibility for the long-term and short-term
effects of their actions on consumers and society. The marketing events should also uphold
respect, dignity, human rights, and the privacy of individuals while collecting and using
consumer data. There should be fairness and impartiality when dealing with clients,
competitors, and stakeholders during marketing events. Marketers should be transparent with
their dealings and their activities should contribute positively to society.
This document serves as guidance to marketing professionals to emphasize ethical
decision-making and responsible conduct in marketing end …
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Question 1 The American Code Of Ethics And An E Commerce Marketing Event
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