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Public administration
Public Administration and its Elements
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Public administration
Public administration refers to the process through which the government’s policies and
programs are determined and implemented, specifically through strategic planning, organization,
coordination, and general control over the functions and operations of the government. Public
administration serves the part of the government to see that its policies are implemented in the
community to achieve its goals and targets as laid down by the governing regime. Public
administration is a common feature for all governing bodies in the world regardless of the
government system in place (Bertelli & Schwartz, 2023, p. 8).
The phrase has two parts: public administration, the public part and the administration.
The public in public administration shows that it deals with the general population, and on the
other hand, administration is the management of various affairs to see that set objectives are met
by ensuring that things are done according to specific outlined strategies. Public administrators
include members of the legislature, judges, citizens, and all other groups with the same goal and
are concerned with implementing policies formulated by management agencies or governments
(Bottom et al., 2022, p. 34).
Many elements of public administration work collaboratively to make the process of
implementing government policies …
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