Psychophysics Activity

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Psychophysics Activity
Discussion Question 1
Relative Misalignment

Correct rejection rate:55%

Hit rate for 1°: 46%

Hit rate for 3°: 85%
A stimulus is anything that can influence a behavioral or physical change. Stimulus
discrimination occurs when an organism can respond differently to various stimuli that are
similar (Li, 2023). Certain changes in stimuli are easier to discriminate through training. From
the relative misalignment trials, it was difficult to identify the right option, whether the middle
line was equally or differently angled from the two outer lines. However, after the first 15 trials,
it was easier to identify the correct option by keenly looking at the line in the middle against the
outer lines. Even though the angle change ranged by 3°, training from the first 15 trials and
knowledge from the results of each trial made it easier to identify whether the line was the same
or different from the outer lines.
During my trials, it was easy to discriminate the middle line when it was 3 degrees, and I
noticed the change 85% of the time. The 1-degree change proved to be difficult, as I go …
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Psychophysics Activity
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