Poetry Reading Journal 1

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Poetry Reading Journal 1
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Poetry Reading Journal 1
Wild Nights
1. The main subject of this poem is that he’s very passionate and has an intense desire. In
the poem, it is stated, “Wild Nights – Wild Nights! / Were I with thee / Wild Nights should
be / Our luxury!” this clearly outlines a sense of longing and great excitement that is
related to love.
2. The attitude depicted by the speaker to the subject is of great desire. The emotional
components in the poem include excitement, a yearning for love, and a sense of urgency.
3. The main theme of the poem appears to be that of the intense and passionate nature of
love. It brings on both the idea that love can be wild and all-consuming, leading to luxury
and freedom.
4. The tone of the poem “Wild Nights” is passionate and celebratory. The speaker is seen
expressing a deep desire for a lover’s company. In contrast, a certain lady has a sarcastic
tone. For instance, the line “And you believe, so well I know my part, / That I am gay as
morning, light as snow” indicates the cynicism of the speaker in their relationship.
5. Poets are known to use a tone in conveying emotional and thematic aspects. In Wild
Nights, the passionate tone indicates the intensity of love, while in A Certain Lady, the
ironic tone highlights the speaker’s dissatisfaction with their relationships. Tom is
important in shaping the reader’s emotional response and understanding of a poem.
The Flea
1. The situation in t …
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