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November 2, 2023
Ogden’s Approach to Discipleship and Cole’s Approach
The theme of discipleship continues to attract significant scholarly interest. Disciplemaking is a fundamental component of the Christian ministry manifesto. Scholars like Greg
Ogden and Neil Cole have taken different approaches to interpreting discipleship and its role in
the Christian ministry. Despite the diverse approaches, discipleship enjoys explicit biblical
pedigree. Discipleship connects Christology to Christian living in a practical and concrete way.
One of the challenges facing the modern church is stagnated growth. Accordingly, the
approaches proposed by Greg and Cole could offer practical strategies to address the stagnation
and attract more people into discipleship. This paper evaluates the similarities and differences in
Cole’s and Ogden’s approaches to discipleship.
Greg Ogden’s Approach to Disciple Making
Several unique features of Ogden’s approach to discipleship make it appropriate for
discipleship. Firstly, Ogden emphasizes the need to multiply Christian leaders to advance
discipleship. Ogden believed investing in multiplication could assist Christians in creating more
generations of believers1. Ogden’s approach has been emulated in the modern-day church, with
church leaders noting the need for the involvement of all members in disciple-making.
Multiplying Christian leaders could aid in the multiplicat …
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Pmin 601 Biblical Discipleship..
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