Play Time

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Play Time
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Play Time
Playing is an important aspect of human development, which implies that it is an aspect
that can be considered past the ideas of age (Lundtofte, 2020). However, play is most important
among children. The play has different impacts on aspects that affect the wellness of the child in
relation to ideas that can be tied to their social and cognitive development. It would be important
to consider that children who are denied playtime, especially in their learning environments, tend
to have different outcomes in comparison to those who are allowed to have playtime in their
learning environments. The idea behind this comparison is to create the suggestion that the
environment in which the child is in relation to whether they are allowed to play or not
significantly determines how well they can learn, considering social aspects such as empathy and
cognitive ideas such as problem-solving (Walker & Venker Weidenbenner, 2019). It is also
important to consider that over the years, the aspect of play has significantly changed, and this is
a phenomenon that can be tied to different aspects, including technology and its role in the
learning environment. The purpose of this essay is to consider the significance of play in early
childhood education, especially through an approach that considers that playtime is an important
element that can be tied to the well-being of ch …
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Play Time
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