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Part 1
The perception process involves several steps. Firstly, exposure occurs when
environmental stimuli, like sights or sounds, are encountered. This sets the stage for the next
step, attention, where the individual focuses on specific stimuli while filtering out others. Once
awareness is directed, interpretation comes into play. This involves assigning meaning to the
stimuli based on past experiences, cultural norms, and personal beliefs.
After interpretation, memory plays a role. This step allows the individual to connect the
perceived stimuli to previous knowledge and experiences. Perceptual constancy is crucial in this
process, as it helps maintain a stable perception of objects despite changes in sensory input.
Finally, feedback loops to the exposure stage, influencing future perceptions based on the
individual’s previous experiences and interpretations.
Part 2
The primacy effect and recency effect are cognitive phenomena observed in memory
recall. The primacy effect refers to the tendency to remember better items presented at the
beginning of a list. This is attributed …
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