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Nursing Philosophy
Nursing Philosophy
Nursing involves using knowledge from sciences like biology and chemistry and liberal
arts like communication to enable care. While it was initially thought to be a profession based on
callings, now, it is one that one has to be educated for and apply the knowledge they gain from
training to serve patients’ needs. Professionals use various philosophies to direct their work. The
philosophies provide the perspective they use to interpret ethics and policies when providing
patient care (McEwan & Wills, 2021). As a nurse, my role is to offer the care that patients cannot
offer themselves to help people achieve optimal health and use their environments for their
health benefits. Therefore, my philosophy is that nursing is an area that requires the application
of applied sciences and arts to move the patient across the health continuum from illness to
The Four Metaparadigms of Nursing
The four metaparadigms are very important in understanding my nursing philosophy. The
first metaparadigm is nursing (McEwan & Wills, 2021). My definition of the concept is caring
professionally. Nursing involves offering sincere care to people based on the nursing training that
one gets. While experience and other factors matter, one must be trained to nurse patients
professionally. Nursing also requires the inclusion of evidence to support decisions. Another
concept is patience. The patient or person is the …
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