Pain Management

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Strategies and Interventions
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Strategies and Intervention
The strategies were effective in creating a sustainable change on our nursing unit, and
this is because there is the creation of the ideal environment where the aspect of patient care in
relation to pain management. In such a case there is the creation of the needed form of action that
can be used to provide patients with the right form of care so much so that they are in a position
of enjoying an almost painless experience (Cohen et al., 2020). In such a case it can be argued
that the strategies put in place are crucial in the creation of a sustainable environment given that
if the strategies are continuously utilized, they may create the ideal room of practice that can
ensure that the hospitals rating improve to a point where it can surpass the national ratings for
sectors such as medical surgical units. My nurse manager and CNO can count on my unit
exceeding the national benchmark in the next year since this time will be crucial in promoting
the type of practice while at the same time raising the patient response rate to about 88% which
is key in the promotion of a s …
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Pain Management
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