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An Entrepreneur Start-Up
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An Entrepreneur Start-Up
Owners, Capital Structure and Company Profile
Name: Quiver Quick Service Restaurant
Address: 2121 Al’amal Dist. 1643 Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Email: Quiverquickservice@gmail.com
Form Of Ownership
The legal structure of the company will be a sole proprietorship. It will be a nonregistered,
unincorporated business run solely by me.
Investments Capital
The investment capital will be around 100,000 Saudi riyals, which will come from my savings.
Company Business Description
Scope and Type of Business
The business will be operating in the food and beverage sector. It will entail selling fast
foods and various varieties of soft drinks. My big idea is to establish a quick-service restaurant in
Riyadh. The business will offer restaurant services offering fast food items that will take a short
time to prepare. Through simplicity among its meals, the company will work on providing the
best services. My idea differs from others in that the business will be customer-oriented, and
each service will be per the customer’s specific requests.
Our mission is to b …
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Owners 1
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