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HR Article Analysis: Improving Performance
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HR Article Analysis: Improving Performance
In today’s globalized business environment, HR managers must have a deep
understanding of cultural differences and stereotypes to manage diverse teams effectively; This
calls for understanding varied cultural beliefs and stereotypes and the capacity to create tactics
that support an amicable and productive workplace (Beaudry, 2021). The article Mutual
Perception of Russian and French Managers” shows how French and Russian managers
perceived the management culture of Russia and France, respectively. This study investigates the
mutual perceptions asymmetry hypothesis, which contends that managers on reciprocal transfers
distinguish between their home and host cultures using various cultural aspects (MuratbekovaTouron, 2011). In this study, which is current research using qualitative research techniques
based on in-depth interviews, French managers working in Russia and Russian managers
working in France make up a two-flow sample.
According to the study, some cultural dimensions are used by Russian and French
managers, and they are categorized into the symmetric perceptions that managers of both
countries utilize and include hierarchy and universalism vs. particularism. The cultural
dimension aspects are human nature, language, and space, which both managers use to
differentiate their cultures, and the asymmetric perc …
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