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Demand for Mental Health Services
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Demand for Mental Health Services
The modern-day is experiencing an increasingly high demand for mental health services.
This trend began to be observed during the COVID-19 outbreak three years ago as the number of
people seeking counselling increased exponentially. Workloads for medics working in mental
health services also surged due to the increase in mental health issues. American Psychological
Association discovered that people had experienced anxiety issues, and in a particular survey,
10% of respondents needed anxiety treatments. In the same study, over 12% of the respondents
required urgent interventions against depression (Columbia Southern University, 2023). Mental
health services have, therefore, been a significant wellness demand in the USA for the past few
Medical practitioners are associating mental health demands with the increasing aged
population. Most boomers are already in their 60s, while others are heading towards this age
where people are prone to mental health issues (Regier et al., 2022). The aged are at risk of
dementia and anxie …
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